R.I.P Co-Founder, Chris Matheny, Hurt in Motorcycle Accident, but Doing Well. 

Chris Matheny, co-founder of R.I.P., was injured in a motorcycle accident on Wednesday, May 4th. Fortunately, he reacted perfectly to the situation and his injuries will be able to heal.  Only a few broken bones, though he is definately sore. At least he is still with us!

A few broken bones won't stop him though. He's well on his way to getting better, and is ready to get going on the upcoming productions ASAP! We all wish him a quick recovery. Please keep him in your thoughts. Thanks to those who have shown their concern.

R.I.P. Videos of the Paranormal Coming Soon!

Research Institute of the Paranormal is dedicated to researching most paranormal phenomenon and finding the truth behind them.  Check out the upcoming episodes!

Check out this episode of Ghost Adventures. This was their first documentary, and they found a lot more activity than they had ever hoped for.

R.I.P. Merchandise to be available soon!

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 Research Institute  of the Paranormal 

New R.I.P. web site is finally here! Upcoming paranormal research webcast show coming soon!

Welcome to the NEW R.I.P. Web Site!
Right now, we're in the process of gathering research to upload to this site. Watch out for more to come in the following weeks. Several episodes are being produced now, and will air on this web site in the near future. If you have any show suggestions, we would love for you to send us an email
Wanted: Guest Investigators for 
What Lies Beyond? 
A Quest for the Truth
Would you like to be a guest investigator on "What Lies Beyond? A Quest for the Truth"? Visit our new blog site for more information on this unique contest opportunity.
Episodes 2-4 Locations Revealed!
Episode 1: Secret Location Revealed at Premier
Episode 2: Devil's Stomping Ground 
Episode 3: Brown Mountain Lights
Episode 4: Ghosts of King's Mountain
Is this a ghost face or trick of the light?
New Blog site is up and running! We want your feedback.

Take a moment, go to our blog, and let us know what you want to see us investigate in the Virginia, North & South Carolina areas...
Do you have a haunted house or location that you want us to investigate? Do you know of some great spots to investigate? Know of any strange phenomenon? Please contact us. We may even investigate your location for a new episode.
Tell us what you want to see.


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